Woman shocked to find dead rodent in spinach salad: I felt like vomiting

A woman was horrified by what her spinach salad contained.  (iStock)


Sukhdeep Sandhu was shopping for groceries at a discount supermarket chain, Spudshed, in Perth, Australia, with her 9-year-old daughter when she picked up a bag of baby spinach and made a shocking discovery.

“I was just about to put the [1 pound] bag in my trolley when I saw the dead mouse or rat in the package,” she told Fairfax news.


“I felt like vomiting,” she continued.

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Sandhu told the news outlet she spoke to the grocery store supervisor about the alarming find, and they immediately ordered staff to remove the remaining bags of lettuce from the shelves. The supervisor also reportedly offered Sandhu a 10 percent discount.

Though Sandhu said, “it’s not about the money,” she merely wanted to point it out because “it’s a health issue.”


After Sandhu posted a photo of the dead rodent on social media, the producer of the salad bag – Supafresh Salads – apologized for the incident and explained it was likely due to the “rodent traps throughout” the farm and factory.

“We are a family business that have been growing and processing salads in [Western Australia] for nearly 20 years,” Supafresh Salads proprietor Troy Cukrov posted in his reply, WAToday reported. “We grow and process over 40 tons of baby spinach leaf every week. We have every possible inspection and prevention within our process.

“Our crops are grown in open fields. We have rodent traps throughout our farms. We have insect agitators on our harvesters. We have rodent traps throughout our factory,” the statement continued, before noting “this is the first time” a rodent had been in a salad bag in the “millions and millions of bags” produced.

“Unfortunately, we deal in nature and farming is a constant challenge.”


Cukrov went on to “apologize unreservedly” for the incident.

“I have failed in this case and for that we are truly and humbly sorry.”

Sandhu was happy with Cukrov’s apology, but still considers the incident to be a “huge concern,” Fairfax news reported.

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